Ok! So, if you know that iron (fe) is the essential mineral that makes your hair and skin look spectacular and improves your overall health—performance, and strength—then you'll definitely understand what’s below.

...! If there was something called "The best cartoon magazine", it would rank "Popeye the Sailor man" among the most glorious at the top. Long story short, the lead character 'Popeye' is a really strong protagonist, who fights for his family's safety from various enemies (EMENIES!). Now, Popeye gets his strength from SPINACH, which is rich in chlorophyll, Vitamin C, and iron (fe). The star performers them are Vitamin C and iron (fe).

Iron (fe) is the essential mineral that makes us as strong as Popeye and the blood rich with oxygen. Vitamin C is another essential nutrient that helps absorb iron (fe) and strengthens our body’s disease defense mechanism. For the absorption of iron (fe) molecules, Vitamin C is crucial.

RBCs - Red Blood Corpuscle, are one of the majorities that make up blood. If the blood is rich in RBCs, then all organs rejoice, rejuvenate, and work on hyper-strength and speed. RBC-rich blood means oxygen is being pumped to all the organs—the result is healthy hair, shiny skin, etc...

“The secret ingredients to Popeye’s awesome strength—Iron & Vitamin C”

Iron(fe) is what makes the RBCs. If iron(fe) is low, equals, RBCs are low in the blood. RBCs are low equals hemoglobin (the pigmentation that makes blood red) is less resulting in less oxygen being carried to the organs. Less oxygen equals a decrease in energy, muscle fatigue, breathlessness, tiredness, lack of concentration, headache, dry hair, dry skin, etc...

The RBCs carry the oxygen molecules to the different parts of the body. When the RBC count is low, oxygen in the blood is low, resulting in the heart working overtime to maintain the supply of oxygen-rich blood to all organs, thus breathlessness and tiredness.

Now, the problem is to have a proper diet because the molecules of other minerals present in the diet bind with iron(fe) molecules and distort the absorption of the iron molecules by our system. This is the reason why dieticians advise only certain combinations of foods together. The problems for our system accepting and absorbing the mineral gets quite complicated if we dig in deeper. Intestinal disorders (colon conditions, infections, …), food combinations, and Vitamin C deficiency are some of the major reasons our body to not absorb the mineral. Though, there are many solutions that only solve part of the problem, but there hasn’t been one ultimate solution for all—at least that’s what we thought!

“Have you heard about NONI Or Noni Juice – The Miracle Fruit of Nature?”

The Noni fruit is like one crazy creation of nature. It seems to have all the answers for almost all the maladies in the world.

“Any problem—you name and has all the answers”

So, now it all boils down to a simple question then…

“How is better than Spinach?”

Nature has provided us with everything that we need, thinking 20 steps ahead of us! The Noni fruit is one such amazing product of nature. It can fight Cancer before its cells, even begin to develop. Iron deficiency or Anemia is one of the main reasons for hair fall, dry and damaged hair, balding, dry and damaged skin, breathlessness, lack of interest, lack of concentration, muscle fatigue, and lack of energy because RBCs are low in the blood—Oxygen low blood. What the Noni juice does to your body is that it not only provides a rich source of iron but regulates your whole system to absorb the needed iron(fe) for your body with rich deposits of Vitamin C.

The Noni fruit has been used to treat various ailments for many centuries. It has been mentioned in various ancient manuscripts. The Noni juice’s healing powers cure many digestive disorders or intestinal conditions (also a main cause for lack of absorption of iron ()). It improves the health of the colon and promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium species, … Hence, better the digestive system better digestion and better absorption of minerals amplified by Vitamin C.

the All-rounder: So, this is what Noni does to you…

  • Provides all the iron your body needs
  • Rich in Vitamin C, helps to absorb iron minerals, and strengthens our immunity system
  • Heals the Colon and supports the digestive system
  • Promotes the growth of probiotic digestive bacteria; Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium etc

The result is better iron absorption; healthy hair, beautiful moisturized skin, increased endurance and stamina, a feel-good sensation, and better concentration. Hence, better regulation and administration of this essential mineral.

Yes, might seem almost on par with Spinach, but Noni just doesn’t stop with Vitamin C and Iron(fe) — it has much more than that! It is a natural stimulant that improves and strengthens the whole system hyping up all the organs—where Popeye becomes Superman!


  • Cures insomnia
  • An energizer & (makes you feel good—better than Caffeine!)
  • Fights Stress
  • Fights Ageing
  • Fights Diabetes
  • Fights Cancer
  • Fights Colon Diseases
  • Fights Hairfall
  • Fights for Shiny, Soft, Glowing skin

“ doesn’t give you wings, but it makes you FLY!”