Noni – “The Ultimate Stress buster”

Noni – “The Ultimate Stress buster”

‘STRESS’ what was once a seldom used word has become one among the common-est--as a result many fall sick--there is constant rise in a variety of the so-called “rare-health-conditions”.

“Apparently, every life-form experiences some form of stress”

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And, I admit that the whole world probably knows about the above fact. But, dissecting what the word stress does to us humans is why the scientists run around in their lab coats all day long.

The word stress is just a fancy word for saying that our body is on its defense mode; ready to take on any enemy or run like a wuss. When the stress mode is ON, muscles strain, senses sharpen, blood flow gets directed to different parts of the body, in order to face a threat. The liver releases sugars to provide immediate energy and adrenalin gets pumped until the body feels that the threat has been nullified. Thus, triggering the immune system and creating an imbalance. So, basically, until the body feels the threat has been dealt-with our defense system maintains this state of imbalance.

Our basic understanding of our immune system is that it fights against bacteria, viruses, and the like. But, this system gets triggered to counter-act against various other events; a project deadline, a test, an interview, etc… If, this system gets triggered frequently that is when the body begins to experience the symptoms of stress.

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Irritation
  • Pressure
  • Weakening of the Immune system
  • Chest pain
  • High Blood pressure
  • High Sugar Levels

This frequent triggering is the main cause of insomnia in many cases. Today’s world has become so competitive that people sleep for just 4 hours to spend more hours on their job role. Sleep depreciation is one of the major symptoms of stress.

“Lack of sleep is one of the main loop holes for many health conditions to sneak in and destroy the balance”

What has to be done to restore this balance??

Get more SLEEP! But, hey, let’s be realistic, it easier said than done.

In this competitive world getting a few decent hours of sleep has become a challenge indeed. Now, the problem is the not the time to get some sleep but getting sleep. Antidepressants and sleeping pills are the quickest, readily available, dominant supplements to counter act this phenomenon. But, only a few natural remedies exist in the market to counter act this imbalance. One such known remedy is the  Noni fruit.

The Benefits of NONI

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Noni restores the balance;

  1. Good Sleep:

Low levels of ‘Melatonin’ cause insomnia. Noni helps to increase the secretion of ‘Melatonin’. This increased secretion helps to relax and get good sleep.

  1. Repairs Damage:

The Noni fruit is packed with anti-oxidants; Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, iron. When the body experiences stress an imbalance is created, if this imbalance is frequent calcium and fat gets accumulated in the arteries causing disruption in blood flow. The disruption in the blood flow causes the oxygen supply to various parts of the body to be disrupted as well. Noni, which is rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and Selenium, fights against the accumulation of calcium and fat in the artery walls, ploughing a clear path for the blood to flow.

  1. Maintains the balance:

One other major side effect of stress is that blood becomes too acidic. This is because, the liver and kidneys not being able to maintain the alkalinity and acidity levels of blood. A few drops of Noni juice when administered regularly, helps to maintain the alkalinity of blood. Rich in ‘Proxeronine’ which the body converts to ‘Xeronine’—helps to control stress, the Noni juice controls blood pressure and reduces stress.

So, when the artery walls are clog free, the blood alkalinity levels are just perfect and the blood pressure is under control, the flow of blood becomes the perfect stream of life. Precious oxygenated blood is pumped to every part of the body and the balance gets restored. The result is Good Sleep! Good sleep equals nullification of stress, resulting in our defense mechanism to return to normal.

Though all else might seem to be under control, still depression can break the calm. But, that’s where the miracle Noni puts up its stand with a rich possession of ‘Serotonin’; a natural anti-depressant.

With that said, Noni is truly a miracle indeed. There have been cases were diabetic wounds have been healed really fast with just a few drops of the Noni extract administered regularly and gradual reduction of high blood sugar levels. The Noni fruit comes in various forms—juice extract, hair color, shampoo, etc…The most sought after Noni product is the BSY Noni Leaven or Noni fruit juice. BSY NONI has a very specific array of products which are natural and effective.

Noni is the ultimate nature’s gift, with a pungent smell and not so pleasant on the taste buds taste, but hey it works y’all!   

“Though, honey is sweet and Noni is bitter. Just a few drops of Noni will make you feel better”