Health Benefits Of Noni Juice That You Aren’t Aware Off!

Health Benefits Of Noni Juice That You Aren’t Aware Off!

You might have grown up hearing your grandparents talk about noni fruit that has given them ample of strength over years. The food and lifestyle that we follow is quite different from theirs. No doubt why people are constantly falling sick and the different kinds of disease spreading infections trigger it even more.

Thanks to the noni fruit that is one of the nature’s miracles to help people live a longer life. It has a number of health benefits that most of you are unaware of. Drink this healthy juice for a number of reasons.

Noni juice comes from Noni plant or Morinda Citrifolia, its scientific name. It was born in Southeast Asia and Australasia countries centuries ago. People have been eating the fruit and drinking the juice for the numerous benefits that it offers. This fruit is also called as Indian Mullberry or Aal in native Hindi.

Most of the younger generation is even unaware of the existence of such a fruit. The Polynesians were the first to realize its power and utilize all the parts of the Noni plant for the various health benefits that it offers.

Properties of Noni plant:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • And Analgesic

It has been medically recommended as it is found to be powerful in curing a number of health related issues and this is why it is sold all around the world. Also, the pharmacy has the noni capsules in store.

The first form of noni fruit to enter the market was its powdered pulp. Small doses of this juice can have a huge impact on your health. Try it!

What are the Health Benefits of Noni Juice?

The fruit as such is tasteless and the smell is not so pleasant, one reason why it is consumed in juice form.

Weight loss:

One of the greatest advantages of Noni  juice is that it helps in weight loss. The results are quick and instant. How does it achieve such results? It helps in the production of Nitric oxide in your body. Your muscles consume this nitric oxide to break down excess energy. The nitric oxide attracts extra energy from different parts of the body, fat cells being the targeted ones. The muscles then break down this energy.

This helps to break down triglycerides that reside inside the fat cells finally reducing the weight of these fat cells.

Reduces cholesterol levels:

Do you know what the condition of high blood cholesterol called is? It is Dyslipidemia which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A proper blend of ethanol based extracts and water of the noni fruit helps to lower the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Helps to cure diabetes:

In a recent research conducted by the “Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine” it has been found that when noni juice is combined with insulin treatments, it plays a major role in bringing down the blood sugar. The compounds such as saponins and triterpenes present in noni juice helps to control the level of blood sugar. This is how it helps to cure diabetic patients.

Aides digestion:

It also helps in proper digestion. The high fiber content of noni juice plays a major contributor to help with digestion. The laxative properties of the noni juice also prevent constipation problems. Also, our ancestors have been using noni juice as a cure for stomach aches and other bowel related problems. 

Helps to prevent stroke:

The noni juice and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect people from the risk of diseases such as the stroke. The nitric acid soothes the veins and makes these more elastic providing a better circulation. The blood circulation helps to heal the after effects of stroke.

These are some of the properties though there are many more which makes noni juice an important constituent of our diet.