BSY Organic Indigo Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

BSY Organic Indigo Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about trying natural hair dye? BSY Organic Indigo Powder offers a safe and gentle alternative to chemical hair dyes. But you might have some questions before taking the plunge. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about BSY Organic Indigo Powder:

Product Genuiness:
What is the 100% Organic product?

Our BSY Organic INDIGO product is 100% organic and a natural hair colouring solution made from pure INDIGO powder without any ammonia or harmful chemicals. It provides a unique blue tint to the hair when used separately and offers various hair care benefits.

Application Time:

How long should I leave the indigo paste on my hair?

The recommended application time for BSY Organic Indigo Powder is 1-2 hours. This allows for optimal color deposit.

Usage of Shampoo:
Can I shampoo my hair immediately after using this product?

It's recommended to avoid using shampoo for up to 24 hours, after rinsing the BSY Organic INDIGO with water, as this can help the colour result set and last longer.

Color Variations:

What color will BSY Organic Indigo powder give my hair?

BSY Organic Indigo powder on its own will give a blue tint to your hair. However, it's often combined with BSY Organic Henna to achieve a range of brown and black shades. Here's a quick guide:


Suitable for all?

Is this product suitable for all hair types?

Yes, this BSY Oragnic Indigo product is suitable for all hair types and can be used by individuals with varying hair textures and lengths.

Patch Testing:

Should I do a patch test before using BSY Organic Indigo Powder?

Yes, we always recommend performing a patch test before applying any new product to your hair. This helps identify any potential allergic reactions. Mix a small amount of indigo paste with water and apply it to a discreet area of your skin, like behind your ear. Leave it for 24 hours and observe for any irritation.

Combining with Other Natural Dyes:

Can I use BSY Organic Indigo Powder with other natural dyes?

Absolutely! BSY Organic Indigo Powder is specifically formulated to be mixed with BSY Organic Henna for beautiful and natural hair color variations.

Additional Benefits:

BSY Organic Indigo Powder boasts several benefits beyond hair coloring. It's free from ammonia and harsh chemicals, making it a gentle option for your scalp. The natural properties can also help control hair loss, keep your scalp clean, and helps promoting hair growth.

Product’s Aroma:
Does this BSY Organic INDIGO product have a strong odour?
Yes, this 100% Organic INDIGO product typically has an earthy scent and does not produce an unpleasant odour.

Experience the Beauty of Natural Hair Color with BSY Organic Indigo Powder!

BSY Organic Indigo Powder offers a safe, effective, and sustainable way to achieve beautiful hair color. With its natural ingredients and nourishing properties, it's a perfect choice for those seeking a healthy and chemical-free alternative to conventional hair dyes.

Where can I purchase this 100% Organic INDIGO product?
You can purchase our BSY Organic Indigo product from our company website and from our authorized retailers or online stores like Amazon, Walmart. Be sure to buy from trusted sources to ensure product authenticity.


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